Molly Watson

knew she was going to be a dancer at the age of 3 when she took her first dance class at the Marcia Hyland Dance Center. Finding a way to express yourself at such an early age certainly builds confidence in a young child. She is gifted with a sensitivity to her young students’ needs and dreams, and uses her creative ideas and love of dance to inspire her classes.

Molly introduces basic ballet and jazz concepts to her early-grade students, and presents dance classes that stress proper early technique — creating a love for music and dance. She explains: “They gain confidence, and through this confidence they want to learn more!” Her patience and warmth connects with these young children, making it fun to learn the expression of movement.

“Molly’s Magic” is evident in the calmness she projects that makes her students so receptive to her stimulating guidance!

Marcia Hyland Summer Workshop 2022