Lily Crincoli

Lily Crincoliwas introduced to the art of dance at the young age of two and a half years. As a student at Marcia Hyland, Lily has developed her skills and techniques under her strong role models, Kerri, Denise, Gerry, Kristen, and Linda. Outside of dance school, Lily enjoys performing with her school’s repertory and composition class and is involved with local community theater groups. As a featured dancer in “A Christmas Story” with a local community theater. Lily performed Dancing With The Stars at Haddonfield School and won in 2023 and she is the President of the National Dance Honor Society. Lily was able to continue her technique development and a continued passion for dance.

Lily enjoys sharing her love of dance and movement with her 3 through 6-year-old students. She enjoys seeing her students develop their own interest in dance, along with their skill development.