Victoria Giarratano

was introduced to the world of dance at the age of 2 1/2. She absorbed a variety of dance skills studying with Tiffany Panarello, Nicole Angelastro, Gerry Barney, Norman Jean Frumento, and Linda Polvere. Moving up the ranks, and into her teen-age years, she became a member of the Marcia Hyland Dance Company, and eventually, fulfilled another dream…to teach. Her passion for teaching early-grade students has carried over to our program designed to develop an enthusiasm for dance and a feeling of confidence and pride.

While a student at Moorestown High School, Victoria continued to grow as a dancer in our classes of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. She was selected to choreograph for choral performances during these four years. Her ability to chorograph was recognized as early as her middle school years at the William Allen School, as she worked with the productions of “Annie” and “Seussical.”

An intelligent, creative teacher, Victoria has become a valuable member of our teaching faculty. Hearing her speak of her students’ accomplishments, we understand why fun and awareness are an important part of her teaching technique!