Alyssa Cavella

has given the gift of self-expression to our younger dancers, encouraging them to participate, communicate and succeed! Her warm support, together with a strong background in ballet, jazz and tap, has carried over to our program designed to develop focus and confidence. Her own dance training at our Dance Center began at the age of 3, studying under Kerri Ryan, Kristen Nasuti, Nicole Lewandowski, Denise DeProspo, Deanna Allen-Martinelli, Gerry Barney and Linda Polvere.

She takes pride in being a member of the Elite Junior Dance Team for Philadelphia Soul. Her performing years have also included the ‘76ers Junior Dance Team, the ‘87ers Dance team, and competitive cheerleading. Her involvement in theater at Bishop Eustace Prep High School has led to numerous lead roles in their musical productions. Along with her dedication to dance, Alyssa studies singing and piano–An obvious”triple threat!”

She is an accomplished performer, and we are proud to have Alyssa’s enthusiasm and talent at the Marcia Hyland Dance Center!

Marcia Hyland Summer Dance Workshop 2021