Marissa Zeigler

Marissa ZeiglerMZ

began dancing at age 3 and decided to do what her mother had done before her – become a member of the Marcia Hyland Dance Company! Her teachers included Nicole Angelastro, Karen Giorgio, Norma Jean Frumento, Gerry Barney, and Linda Polvere. As she grew and worked on her strong foundation in dance, she was selected to lead our early-grade students for recital performances. Because of her nurturing and patient demeanor, she has become an inspiring teacher at the Dace Center, and her teaching approach encourages students to spread their wings and grow!

Since middle school, Marissa’s dance training made it possible for her to be a 4-year member of the cheerleading team, and at the same time, a member of Cherokee High School’s choir. Even at an early age, her love of music and dance contributed toward earning the position of Assistant Choreographer, as well as featured performer.

Now a college student majoring in Criminal Justice, Marissa continues to develop the dance skills of our young children, and as she says, “…focusing on early technique and a fun atmosphere!”